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25th June 2022 

First appointment

The first appointment is special. It is an opportunity to get as full a picture as possible of what's going on in the present, what went on in the past and your hopes for the future. Most importantly it is the chance to experience a session and decide if it is right for you. If it does feel right, we can discuss the following:

  • Time and frequency of weekly sessions.

  • Major themes likely to emerge in the work.

  • Protocol around missed sessions, holiday notice and confidentiality.

  • Your expectations, concerns and questions.

    Should it not feel right for you, we could discuss what would be helpful to do next. Other agencies, GP services or low-cost therapy with trainees may all be options.

  • Length and frequency

    Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and once agreed always at the same time each week. Sessions are usually once weekly but some prefer more frequent sessions, say twice weekly, which allow issues to be explored at greater depth and speed.

    Reviews of the therapy are possible at any time. Feelings and concerns regarding the therapy are always welcome and important to bring to the sessions.

    The therapy lasts as long as you consider it necessary and helpful.

    Ending therapy

    The end of a therapy is special too. It is the point at which the work is considered to be done and there is a growing confidence of managing life without it. As such, it is a celebration. Depending on the length of the therapy, a certain period working towards an end date is important to bring the work to a close and feel confident in the decision to leave.


    Fees per session are from 65.

    Please call 07788 652 617 or email me at for further information