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6th December 2023 
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At certain times in our lives we all benefit from having someone who can understand and accept us. An effective psychotherapist or counsellor can enable us to understand and accept ourselves.

Greater understanding allows us to have greater control over our lives and greater acceptance boosts our confidence, well-being and peace of mind.

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Dona Manglani, a UKCP registered psychotherapist, has over 18 years' experience working as a psychotherapist and GP counsellor in New Cross, Islington and in Hackney. She was also a psychotherapist at a central London psychotherapy and counselling practice on Regent Street.

Working within strict ethical and professional guidelines, she offers a safe space for individuals to explore feelings and behaviour patterns that may be troubling, bewildering, destructive and sometimes incapacitating.

From her own experience she knows how an effective psychotherapy can open oneself up to the rich opportunities life offers.

Her work is guided by the following principles:

  • Bringing unconscious thoughts and feelings into consciousness through dreamwork and free association.

  • Understanding how the past affects the present in an effort to change unhelpful patterns of behaviour in close relationships at work and in life.

  • Allowing proper acknowledgement of feelings, often complicated and contradictory, without imposing judgement or advice.

  • London venues

    Consulting rooms are located in Lower Clapton, a Hackney psychotherapy and counselling practice.

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    East London

    The Hackney psychotherapy and counselling practice is based in Lower Clapton which is within easy reach of Liverpool Street, Stratford, Dalston, Islington, and the City.

    If you are a psychotherapist or counsellor seeking supervision in Islington or at either the central London or Hackney psychotherapy and counselling practice, you are also welcome to call for further information.


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    Please call 07788 652 617 or email me at for further information